The United National Peoples' Progressive Party of Afghanistan



The Program of party




Kabul,   Afghanistan




In the name of God the most merciful and beneficent

The Program of

the United National Peoples' Progressive Party of Afghanistan


At the beginning of the 19th century, the people of Afghanistan became aware of the ideas  of constitution, independence,  republic, freedom,  progress , justice, and democracy, made the decision to organize the people for struggle. Socio -political prospective ,  excellent culture , serving for our common and independent country, with the hope of progress and renovation,  found  the way among  the political movements. Progressive movements , with the essence of social and justice drew the country from middle ages to the modern life. The political vigilant, progressive thoughts , justice loving people of Afghanistan, common values of humanity, a lightening heritage for the United National Peoples' Progressive Party of Afghanistan in combating, caused for independence, progress,  social justice and democracy.

The United National Peoples' Progressive Party of Afghanistan by taking inspiration from the thoughts and progressive ideas of our people in the last century has been organized, in that century the rich tradition of fighting for freedom, democracy, republic and social justice established in our country ,  the combatants put the social and economic development at their core attention with commitment. Our party never intend to duplicate previous movements and organizations, but take the aspiration from the proud former history of our country. Our party appreciates the proud movements tradition and endeavors to sustain and consolidate its national and historical achievements, learn from experiences and try to adjust its affairs and policies with the world and present Afghan society realities. Our party counts on growing young generation. We are optimistic and  hopeful  to brilliant future of our country and this future will be built by wisdom and power of our young generation.

The intervention of some countries of the globe , particularly Pakistan and Iran, the spread of expanded corruption have worsen the condition in our country more than before. Day by day  spread of terrorism, worsening the security condition,  expansion of chronic corruption of administration system, obstinate injustice, the rough economic  condition,  poverty and lack of  job opportunities, widening gap between poor and rich, spread produce and trafficking of narcotics,  the ambiguous and unclear policy of the government against the interventions of the aliens caused the deep concern of our people. 

Although Afghanistan has made some noticeable progress in the area of democracy , rule of law, good governance,  human rights and social justice, relevant changes in the area of education, higher education, transportation and telecommunication , rural development, legislation , freedom of speech, establishment of armed forces, these progresses are not still satisfactory to people. This status not only calls for a widespread  nation wide peace vanguard movement, democracy, progress and social justice for creating safety and security, as a serious need, but also believes the need of creating and organizing a nation wide movment. Our party aims to build a good relation and communication with all national and democratic movements to bridge the gap and create a powerful party in the country. Considering the mentioned factors, the party extends its clean, cordial,  friendship and brotherhood hand for communication to keep the party unified.   All the affairs of the party will take place in accordance with Islamic principles and national values. And also respecting all other religions, opposing any terms, misuse and utilization of religion as a tool for promoting political interest or personal objectives, promoting lasting peace, stability and development and with trust in almighty God and support of our people, the party intends to consider the followings as its blueprint:

A - At the area of state sovereignty and management:

  1. Defend of independence, national sovereignty, national integrity, and national unity of the people of Afghanistan;
  2. Defending the constitution entailing the state three bodies and principal of pluralism;
  3. Establishing a democratic system on the basis of political pluralism, holding transparent, just and democratic elections in all levels (from the rural councils to the presidential elections) preventing governmental, political parties and other powerful rebels, influence in the election process.
  4. Combating for establishment of civil society without torture, discrimination, based on social justice, respect to the human rights which are from the fundamental and valuable principles of the constitution of Afghanistan;
  5.  Prevention of power and wealth monopoly from all kinds and methods;
  6. Defending the good governance, public security, promoting state capacity, strengthening public services and public facility sectors;
  7. Defending the transferring of some lawful decision making competence of socio - economic to the rural areas.
  8. Securing equal national development, equitable distribution of developing possibilities between regions and provinces;
  9. Providing relevant political, economic, social, mental and cultural setups for amalgamation of ethnic groups in order to establish economic, social and cultural links for the purpose of development of an ethnically diverse Afghan society;
  10. Adjustment of the Constitution and removing the existence of ambiguous and contradictory perceptions and pave the way for a responsible government before the Parliament of the country;
  11. Practical realization of political parties' Law to prevent receiving funding from foreign sources and preventing establishment of political parties on the basis of ethnicity, region, religion, language and half military organization according to the spirit of the Constitution;
  12. Prevent the political parties and political groups' from influencing the national army, police and security forces;
  13. While our party is against the long term presence of foreign military forces in our country, but international cooperation to ensure security of our homeland at the frame of national interests with mutual clear pledges and the agreed controlled mechanism for  the realization of the pledges, is distinguished as a vital need;
  14. Drawing support of communities from continuous democratization of central and rural state power organizations;
  15. Protecting establishment of elected provincial, districts, and villages' councils, entrusting and supporting competence for solving rural issues, supporting the elections of mayors and municipality meetings according to the law;
  16. Reformation of state offices at the frame of short term national strategy from top to bottom, specially reconstruction of justice and judiciary system, filtering administration from the existence of seditious and evil elements and law breakers to end the administration corruption, drawing support of people for securing the implementation of law;
  17. Realization of cadre policy based on education, experience, expertise, merits, skills, virtue and commitment to the national interest for establishment of active, competent and experienced  administration, being able to provide the people better services, our party insists on  principle of active neutrality and professional state administration. State employee is performing the elected government policies and is at the service of the people, not the representative to  perform the policy of his party or personal interest;
  18. Combating totalitarianism, monopoly of power and exercise of any type of violence and prevent them from maintaining and gaining political power;

B - At the area of securing peace and stability in the country:  

  1. Supporting the resolving issue of armed oppositions through political means. Our party supports the ceasefire, prevent bloodshed, and consolidates just peace all over Afghanistan. We support the attraction and participation of state armed oppositions to the political process of Afghanistan, including taking part in elections, and state institutions, to protect citizens from harassment and violence by applying the main values of the constitution. In our believe, endeavors for securing peace at the price of Constitution collapse, will , once again, be  culminated to the tragedy of 1371 (          ). Meanwhile, it should be accepted that there is no such thing as cheap and one sided peace. Some demands of anti peace elements and their ways and methods of participation at the political processes, assisting and encouraging the armed individuals to the normal life and legal guaranty could be discussed and agreed up on;
  2. The party supports all endeavors for securing peace, constant security, and collecting illegal arms after peace agreements being finalized for securing state sovereignty in all over the country for creation of an open political atmosphere;

 C - At the area of legal system, people's fundamental rights and freedom:

  1. Combating for settlement of a legal state, principle of state's three bodies, citizens' equality before law and judiciary system, equal application of law, principle of state, community , and individual and mutual responsibility, supporting from establishment and consolidating of independent, neutral, and professional judiciary system;
  2. Combating for secure individuals' fundamental rights and freedom, confirmed in the Constitution;
  3. Combating for realization of equal political, social and civil rights for men and women;
  4. Combating for unconditional application of Universal Human Rights Declaration and international agreements, combating for securing peoples' democratic rights and securing political freedom for establishing political parties, unions, right of peaceful demonstration and strikes bound to non democratic limitations;
  5. Supporting the fight against organized crimes and terrorism. Cultivation and trafficking narcotics is not only a main challenge against consolidation of state sovereignty and establishing a sound economic system but also it feeds corruption and terrorism, which should be taken seriously. The program of state and international community is not enough for solving this problem. Researches show the majority cultivators of opium are peasants those who have small pieces of land and collect more production. Therefore, distraction of small land cultivated opium as a punishment of peasants and alternate cultivation cannot solely solve the problem. State besides the punishment measures and alternate cultivation should solve the water problem, finding markets for agricultural production, minimum subsidies for alternate cultivation, taking measures for fighting against agricultural diseases, poverty eradication and creating job opportunities for the rural and villages youths, which must be included to the government program. Our party hopes the state and international community take serious measures against mafia of  processing, trafficking and smuggling of narcotics;

D - At the area of economic development:

  1. United National People's Progress Party of Afghanistan, is the party of growth and economic development of our country. Our party supports the socio - economic market and believes that choosing market economy is according to the reality of our society, being organized at present situation. The party believes that citizens and their prosperity should be at the focus of economic policy. The present economic prescription with social injustice, chronic unemployment, generating income, collecting wealth, crime, ethical and cultural crisis, destruction of human interest and sentiments,  linked with the collapses of the family and environment. Therefore, our party supports the growth of state economy, assisting the private sector in creating work opportunities, management of market, strengthening commodity sector and mobilizing the wealth of the people for progress and prosperity of the citizens  of our country. Our party supports giving back the power to the state at the area of development , such a state that plays its natural role in the economic management, developing the working skills, creating job opportunities, building the economic foundation and mobilize possibilities including private sector for public investment. The party with the understanding of the severe economic backwardness of Afghanistan and demand for utilizing the capacity of all economic sectors , draws the foreign investment for the rapid growth of producing forces and scientific, technical and cultural progress, active and constructive interfere of state and planning the social and economic development particularly at the process of rehabilitation of economic infrastructure, establishing social safeguarding and sound competition between different sectors.
  2. Combating to remove the economic backwardness from the country, mobilizing the people and civil society for using the short and long term plans for  the reconstruction of Afghanistan considering existing capacity of state , mixed, private and cooperative sectors, more investments in areas  of infrastructure and natural resources, agriculture and rural development, education and social services, supporting the economic demanding of employee and strengthening the syndicate movement.
  3. Supporting all forms of legal ownership, legal safety of domestic and foreign capitals and their interests, supporting the draw of foreign legal investments in accordance to the growth of national interest of Afghanistan, demanding of active policy for creating jobs opportunities by the state and or its leadership.
  4. Supporting the state ownership of the important strategic sources- such as the natural underground resources (mines), forests , grazing yards, state lands, basic resources of energy, ports and roads, deserts, water resources , and ancient relics.
  5. Effective utilization of oil and gas resources, cooper, iron, and other industrial minerals and encouraging the domestic and foreign big capitals at the area of heavy industry for establishing progressed economic infrastructure and creating employment and job opportunities for the people.
  6. Supporting establishment and expansion of national industry and industrialization of the country utilizing modern scientific and technological achievements with the cooperation of state, mixed, private sectors and foreign investments.
  7. Supporting private resorts, traders, and national bourgeois for increasing and expansion of domestic and foreign trade and changing Afghanistan to regional active trading center and getting the membership of the World Trade Organization.
  8. Supporting continuous modernization of banking system in the country,   encouragement and guarantee the deposits and savings, working toward a just taxation policy based on reduction of indirect taxes and increasing the direct taxes and division of revenues for interest of social development.
  9. Supporting the management of land and solving the problem of water for development of agricultural mechanisms, production power energy, creation of agricultural farms ( state, mixed, private and cooperatives) for securing the interest of different categories of land owner and peasants. Combating for better living environment, securing and saving the forests and strains of rare animals and birds.
  10. Promoting the growth of medical plants and manufacturing of medicine for securing the national demands, expanding husbandry and crafts, encouraging the investment at the area of handicrafts and fine art industry and establishment of insurance system, supporting banks for industrial economy, agricultural, husbandry, crafts and finding markets for their productions.
  11. Supporting the development of the virgin land plans and their just distribution in a reasonable price for peasants those who have no land or less, nomads and private sector.
  12. Supporting the country's energy system with the utilization of the domestic and foreign resources, support the development of power and light industries producing consuming and food items.
  13. Supporting public prospective research for effective utilization of national possibilities, financial and technical assistance of the international community with consideration of the basic demands of the country.
  14. Defend the demands and endeavors of associations and unions of craftsmen, for development of national industries, domestic productions and development of artisans and handicrafts.
  15. Supporting development and modernization of transportation, building of highways, airports, railways in the country with connecting to the global transit railways networks.
  16. Supporting tourism industries for strengthening the national economy and taking effective measures to spread the culture of welcoming of world tourists.

E - At the social area: 

  1. Defending the social interests and rights of urban and rural toiling class, supporting their class economic claiming and demands.
  2. Combating for securing the rights of women and families through claiming protection of child and mother, maternity hospitals, nurseries, kindergartens, clinics, education facilities, preventing the children exploitation.
  3. Combating to achieve the gratis health services, gratis primary and higher education for all people of Afghanistan through state and private investments and spread of social insurances.
  4. Endeavor to establish health and medical centers and secure public access to gratis health services, establishment of child and mother protection centers in all districts and cities' precincts, securing environmental hygienic, healthy potable water, protection of people against epidemic and pandemic diseases for securing health of all.
  5. Ending all forms of discrimination and different kinds of social oppression particularly the middle age patriarchal relation on women's slavery life who bear the heaviest social injustice burden.
  6. Securing equality between inhabitants, equal application of law and secure social justice.
  7. Endeavor for consolidation of national unity and remove any kind of privilege and discrimination between all inhabitants of the country for political partnership.
  8.  Symmetrical socio - economic and cultural development all over the country and escalating the quality of social services and pave the way to equal distribution of all opportunities to all inhabitants of the country.
  9. Securing the social insurances for securing welfare for all and supporting all country's inhabitants during pension, unemployment, the old age inability, effected, handicap, geographical and natural disasters.
  10. Supporting orphans, widows, handicaps and others effected by war and crisis of the country, finding out the numbers of those effected and supporting all without any discrimination. In addition, paving the way for proper life condition, work opportunity and social services , attracting support of domestic and foreign institutions for the effected and individuals with disabilities.
  11. Securing work and employment for people, as a main reason for resolving the social problems, the main cause of continuous crisis and the effective cause of eradicating poverty, betterment of people's life, securing the safety and safeguarding working environment, the techniques of immunity in all production centers and supporting the principle of a unified payment system, for men and women.
  12. Addressing the problems of refugees and displaced, voluntarily and respectfully returned in the country and rendering proper assistance in security, shelter, work and employment opportunities for them.
  13. Combating for just solution of nomads in the country paving the way for their constant resettlement.
  14. Supporting a unified payment system and employment opportunity without any ethnic, language, religion, gender and social  discrimination.
  15. Combating to increase the level of salaries paying by state, private sectors, and for  retired.
  16. Combating for securing job, endorsement of just laws for supporting the rights of workers, peasants, and craftsmen.
  17. Supporting righteous combat of social and civil organizations endeavor for improving their role in political , social, cultural and economic system of the country.
  18.  Figure out precise census demographic based on distribution of electric identification card using modern technology for transparent elections, arrangements of future plans for political, socio - economic and cultural development.
  19. Ending the breach of human rights and crimes against humanity and chasing criminals particularly the war criminals and bring them to justice.
  20. Maintaining the living environment, taking effective measures to keep it from pollution and destruction, particularly the pollution of underground water reservoirs and air in the cities, consolidating the edges of Aamo Dary and other rivers, protecting the forests and preventing them from looting.
  21. Establishing of recreation places, sanatoriums and parks for the recreation for the people.
  22. Securing symmetrical development of urban and rural, solving the problem of homeless through building new residential places, affordable houses, effective measures should be taken by state to provide houses and distribute public properties for the citizens in dire need and provide facilities and social services for them.
  23. Ending the social and moral corruption, particularly combat against addicted to narcotics, alcoholic liquor, smokes, theft, smuggle, hijacks, and other circulating issues for spread  of corruption in society.
  24. The United National People's Progressive Party of Afghanistan, rely on freedom and free human beings. Free human in expressing ideas and position, free to form civil society and political organizations , free for making decisions.
  25.  Our party tries to promote freedom and democracy within the framework of national values all over the country and is against ethnic, place, race, language, religion, political beliefs, gender, social and economic discrimination. Our party according to the verses of holy Quran respects the nature of human greatness and defends the rights and basic freedom of our citizens on the basis of constitution of Afghanistan, national and international accepted norms.
  26.  The United National People's Progressive Party of Afghanistan, believes the equal rights of women and men as a benchmark for any democratic movement, which is a base for building a democratic society, and combat for the equal political, social, and civil rights of women and men. And continuously promotes the leading role of women in its ranks. Defends women's movements with all its dimensions  and amalgamation for achieving equal rights, equal payment for equal work, preventing harassment and discrimination against women and work for the equal legal protection of women.
  27. The United National People's Progressive Party of Afghanistan, is a party of social change at the benefit of masses. Social justice is our main goal. The party combats for just distribution of wealth and national revenues, and combat against the monopoly of wealth and power at the hands of limited circles.

F - At the area of cultural spread:

  1. Creation of a democratic, advanced, and progressive cultural values with attention to the religious, tradition, accepted national norms, scientific, cultural and legal achievements  of international community.
  2. Combating for reconstruction, and cultural modernization of the country, in the area of  education system, higher and professional education, science, arts and literature with utilization of  world experience and scientific progress, cultural, and technical achievements without any fanaticism and narrow mindedness.
  3. Supporting the expansion of Press, means of public information (papers, radio and television, internet, phenomena of information technology, communication, cinema and theater) attention to the betterment of cultural figures' lives in the country, expansion of enriched and historic culture of the country.
  4. Attention to the training of cadres and professional teachers and lecturers of the universities, increasing their professional and expertise and knowledge level and providing them with proper living condition.
  5. Supporting the growth of languages of inhabitants of this land and compulsory primary education and the right of learning in their mother tongue for adolescents and the youths of Afghanistan.
  6.  Complete elimination of illiteracy through establishing schools for supplementary literacy, mobilizing all forces for a vast national campaign for teaching those countrymen, who are deprived of basic and vital literacy.
  7. Sound training of children and youths of the country (including boys and girls), particularly survivors of war victims through gratis educating in all levels of studies (primary, secondary and higher education), middle compulsory education, expansion of professional schools, short term professional courses, upgrading of learning condition and providing them with sound  business skills and exercising opportunity.
  8. Combating against production and trafficking of narcotics, as an inseparable part of security in the country.
  9. Opposing war and harassment or violations and  encouraging human loving thoughts, tolerance,  discipline, order, legality, acceptance of feedback, developing the believe that the national wealth is as a deposit belongs to national and social interests than private and group interests.
  10. Combating against all deviations, superstitions, the diseases of illusion between Afghan intellectuals such as ethnicity, language and region tendencies and other old perceptions as a severe hindrance to rehabilitation and progress of Afghan society and consolidation of Afghans national unity.
  11. Growth of cultural  values, preserve the ancient and historical relics and pave the way for expansion archaeology research for deep understanding of civilizations and ancient history of the country , taking serious measures to prevent the illegal excavation and research of the ancient relics and smuggling  them to foreign countries.
  12. Returning of all historical and ancient Afghan national museums stolen monuments with the help of UNESCO and other international relevant agencies to the country, trying to protect all monuments and historical findings.
  13. Strengthening and developing scientific and research centers, especially Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan, providing appropriate opportunities for developing, extending and flourishing of Afghan academia, intellectuals, indigenous talents and experts.
  14. Supporting Afghan scholars, scientists, discoverers, inventors, researchers, scientific and cultural leading personalities, providing them with an opportunity to peacefully return to
  15. Afghanistan through better terms of employment based on their merits, technical knowledge and expertise in their field of study.
  16. Support perspectives and speech, pen and press, expansion of mass media and the people access to information technology as dire need for the progress of society.

G - At the area of international relations and foreign policy:

1. Supporting the UN Charter and promoting its role for peace preservation, global security, and international cooperation, supporting the reforms in the UN system relevant to the present global realities.

  1. 2.  Our party, believes that having an active policy for building trust, cooperation with neighboring and regional countries, deep cultural and economic connection as a dire need, multiple strategic security contracts, global and regional cooperation including guarantee of non encroachment, non military intervention, no threat of using force, and contracts on energy, transit, free trade and tariff, secure of living environment, free process of labor force, commodity, and wealth, is useful and a dire need for our country.
  2. 3.  Supporting the positive and active foreign neutral policy principles for securing friendly relations based on trust and mutual political, economic and cultural cooperation with other countries, especially the neighbor countries on the basis of equality, mutual respect for independence, national sovereignty, integrity, and non interference to the domestic affairs of each other.
  3. 4.   Supporting the nations' predestination right without foreign interference, solidarity with combating for freedom as a right of people of region and globe.
  4. 5.   Combating for global and regional peace and security, avoiding producing, testing and expanding of nuclear, chemical, biological, and other mass sacker weapons, up to their complete elimination.
  5. 6.   Supporting global and regional peaceful solution of disputes through negotiation, dialogue, and other peaceful means.
  6. 7.    Supporting endeavors of international community for securing the equal rights of nations and consolidation of just economic order and progress of poor and under development countries.
  7. 8.   Supporting international community endeavors for combating against terrorism, racial discrimination, organized crimes, production, process and smuggling of narcotics.
  8. 9.   Supporting political bilateral and multilateral economic and cultural contracts of the country with neighbors and other countries of the globe, observing the national interest of Afghanistan.